Calculation of hydrodynamic forces for different types of modules lifted or lowered through the wave zone based on simplified methods according to DNVGL.Certification at initial control and periodic inspection of lifting equipment, Enterprice of Competence, independent class A (The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority):

  • S1 General certification
  • G2 Tower cranes
  • G3 Portal, swing and container cranes
  • G4 Bridge cranes, power driven pillar swing cranes, wall mounted swing/travelling cranes and shuttle lift cranes
  • G7 Winces, reels, hoists, manual driven light rail mounted hoists and swing cranes
  • G8 Vehicle mounted cranes
  • G10 Manual hoist etc.
  • G13 Miscellaneous lifting equipment
  • G20 Fixed hydraulic cranes
  • RX Loose gear, all types
  • BX Equipment on rescue and tow vehicles, all types

Certification at initial control and periodic inspection of ship mounted cargo handling appliances by competent person, category A (Norwegian Maritime Authority).

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